Agree with us for spiritual change come into your region.


Agree with us for spiritual change come into your region. Speak to your gates of your City and announce spiritual shifting! Tell your Region hear righteousness awake the sleepers those the Kingdom of God be exposé now Jesus name! Grace to the innocent mercy to the ignorant in Jesus name!


Ricky and I have been teaching our children…


Ricky and I have been teaching our children, now adults our mistakes, our problems, our goals, and our desires as a point of communicating with them on the platform of “words create worlds”! Forgiveness is powerful and yes sometimes it has a process to develop with us, but the true of the matter is this, If you don’t speak a speech to build your hope in your future you will become stagnate and remain unfixed with no instructions for repair! Frame your world with your words. Speak to yourself blessed, beloved of The Lord! I am all God says I am!

An unmet need can be dangerous! Why?

Prophet D

An unmet need can be dangerous! Why? Because you will respond from a place described as “frustration” which will have you acting out of uncommunicative actions which in turn you will take your emotions and spread them on everyone you say you really love. Action, displaced anger! Learn how to communicate well, as in your prayer life, your marriage or relationship with family and friends, of let us not leave out “the body of Christ! We have unmet needs, so get them met in the right manner of your life!

The CREATIVE POWER of your words…


The creative power of your words are more valuable than impressive speech! I rather speak with the power of my God than with the idea of someone flattering me with a sound of the word, the pimping of a gift, and the dishonor. I am a part of the body that you are in! Come to me with a heart and passion of love wrapped up in holy spirit setting free them that are bound! Accountable to help building!

Can you just look at it in a different view…

375965_484870998191876_1548466217_nYou know what we had to really come to grip with in the body of Christ is this, everyone in the body will not be to you what you are to them! Maybe what you are looking for from them you are to become to others in the body of Christ. Theses others I speak about are the next generations of leaders that you may have to build and train, the ones that are not saved yet that you may have walk by or getting ready to walk into their lives! Can you just look at it in a different view change your vision and see farther into the future of the body of Christ and not so close up! You are positioned for “NEXT”!

May the Angel of the Lord assigned to you all and your region pave the way for you!….

574567_273921532709806_1710980981_nMay the Angel of the Lord assigned to you all and your region pave the way for you! May the spirit quicken your heart to speak and realign things in your region! May your mindsets change to what God has already declare over you! May you endeavor to stand against the strongman and his stronghold over your region! May you be empowered with God’s grace to endure this battle in the realm of the spirit! May your voice become remain a power battle axe and nothing from the kingdom of darkness can put it away! May the Lord grant you peace from His kingdom! May you release a word of God over the hemispheres of your region in Jesus name! You are able and capable!

Love Conquers ALL!…


Love conquers all! Repentance fulfills the heart! Deliverance makes a vessel free! And Lord your word causes the fragmented soul to be unified with truth and righteousness again! Trust again, live again, eat fresh bread again, and get back to covenant again! Creator is calling for His creation! Come on people of the most high God, we must put aside our mindset to do what we want and do what God is calling for, us to be ONE!!!! Anybody out hear me today!