May the Angel of the Lord assigned to you all and your region pave the way for you!….

574567_273921532709806_1710980981_nMay the Angel of the Lord assigned to you all and your region pave the way for you! May the spirit quicken your heart to speak and realign things in your region! May your mindsets change to what God has already declare over you! May you endeavor to stand against the strongman and his stronghold over your region! May you be empowered with God’s grace to endure this battle in the realm of the spirit! May your voice become remain a power battle axe and nothing from the kingdom of darkness can put it away! May the Lord grant you peace from His kingdom! May you release a word of God over the hemispheres of your region in Jesus name! You are able and capable!

Love Conquers ALL!…


Love conquers all! Repentance fulfills the heart! Deliverance makes a vessel free! And Lord your word causes the fragmented soul to be unified with truth and righteousness again! Trust again, live again, eat fresh bread again, and get back to covenant again! Creator is calling for His creation! Come on people of the most high God, we must put aside our mindset to do what we want and do what God is calling for, us to be ONE!!!! Anybody out hear me today!

I think we forget scripture…

Prophet D

I think we forget scripture; we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but spiritual things! So I’m saying this, “somebody’s kingdom will come down”! You are tied to the god of Baal, connected to the spirit of Jezebel linked up with the harlot church system! Be careful of what you’ve prayed on your watch, for what you sow you WILL reap! Just saying you know, you have dwelt in your kingdom of pride and pimping God’s people long enough it’s time for conviction and truth breaking you free this is your year! Please people spread the word it’s over we are not one another’s enemy so stop acting like it! Love ya